Monday, June 04, 2018

Some thoughts on the early days of breastfeeding

Before the milk comes in, just keep feeding as much as possible. You will feel like you don't have enough colostrum, but you do. The more you feed the more comes in.

Swap sides each time, and tickle their neck or feet or change their nappy if they seem to come off and fall asleep after a short 10min feed. Then put them back on and don't stop till they come off of their own accord again. Even if it feels like they're on there for ages. Aiming for about 20mins feeding minus burping or nappy time. Sleep as long as they like in between.

After milk comes in, don't let them sleep more than 3 hours ish, then wake to feed if they haven't already. Feed from one side until baby comes off of own accord, burp nappy etc, then put back on same side and drain boob. If baby still looks hungry then offer other boob. Start from the second side the next time. So if left then a bit of right on feed 1, start with right on feed 2. Keep going till the baby stops.

If things are difficult, every midwife or support worker in hospital will end up giving you different advice, if you find something works, stick with it, and tell every midwife the thing that worked. Don't expect them to have put what worked for you in the notes or told the rest of the team mid shift.

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