Monday, October 09, 2017

And then there were three?

I know I don't write in here very often. But it is still my external memory drive, where I come back to look back on the past and what happened to me.

So this is an exciting post to share with this space. And yes, I have discussed this with Tom.

We're expecting a baby in March 2018.

I'm currently a day shy of 18 weeks pregnant, which means I'm roughly half way there. We've not felt the baby kick yet, but heartbeat was all present and correct at my last midwives appointment. There was a very squiggly baby in there at the 12 week scan who most emphatically did not like being prodded by the ultrasound wand through my flab, and kept rolling away to curl up into it's comfy shape. Sounds like me in the mornings when I don't want to get up.

We've had a tough time getting to this point. My PCOS and my lack of a fallopian tube from my ectopic pregancy in 2010 led to me needing Clomid to ovulate. I have had some invasive tests that were more painful than my ovarian cyst. I have felt the sadness and anger of watching friends and family conceive around me, and felt the utter failure of not being able to perform this basic bodily task. It's certainly taught me not to ask questions about people's reproductive status, and to be mindful of how I talk about this pregnancy. We're out of the official woods, but it doesn't mean things still can't go wrong.

So here we are. I'm past my intermittent all day nausea and relentless tiredness, and am smack bang in the middle of the second trimester feeling much perkier. Only dealing with a bit of backache from the relaxin hormone upsetting my already dodgy back, and a few digestive issues.

I doubt I'll write often about the pregnancy or the baby once it's here, mainly to respect the baby's future privacy, but there you go.

One of the things I am of course very excited about is knitting for my own baby after years of knitting for others. And taking it to Efteling with my family :o)

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