Friday, September 09, 2016

Hannah's Mum's chocolate cake recipe

The amounts first up are for a single layer cake in spring form tin that goes up like a volcano. The second, larger amounts are for two normal size victoria sponge sized cake tins, creating a very tall double layer cake; or a traybake as per a brownie tin:

Plain flour                        7oz                         (10.5oz)
Bicarb                              1 tsp                       (1.5 tsp)
Baking powder                  1 tsp                       (1.5tsp)
Cocoa                              2 tbsp                    (3 tbsp)
Soft light brown sugar       5 oz                        (7.5 oz)
Golden syrup                    2 tbsp                    (3 tbsp)
Large eggs                       2                                (3)
Sunflower oil                   150ml                    (200ml)
Milk                                 80ml                       (100ml)

Put all ingredients in at once and mix thoroughly. I use the Kitchenaid for several mins on medium. It makes a sloppy, pouring mixture.

Put in a lined tin and cook at 160 C for 45 to 50 mins. If making the double round sponges, start checking after 25 mins or when it smells done. Gas mark 5. If the middle has risen too much and you don’t want a volcano, saw off the top.

Icing  - melt half a 100g bar of dark 75% chocolate, add a large teaspoon of honey and tbsp butter (approx amounts). Mix till all just melted and glossy, then pour over the cooled cake.

For a birthday cake decorate with white chocolate buttons, minstrels or smarties. 

Alex's notes: Very good with 3 medium beetroot steamed and pureed added.

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