Friday, June 17, 2016

Sometimes I can't sleep

When I can't sleep, I mull over the day.

Feeling sad about Sandy moving to America. I'm excited for him, but sad for us too. He's a very dear friend, full of adventure, vim and party spirit. I appreciate his conversational art, and his thoughtfulness.

Feeling anxious about what needs doing at work.

Wondering what to get Ben for his birthday.

Ticking off the list of house admin. Carpets, curtains, fireplaces, architects.

Wondering if I have time to go to a craft shop tomorrow to buy something to jujzz up my Ascot hat.

Worrying about going to the doctor about my stupid lady parts.

Worrying about the EU referendum.

Feeling sad for the family of Jo Cox.

All sloshing around my head. All tick, tick, ticking away.

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