Tuesday, July 21, 2015

First trip to France of 2015

So we went off to France with John for a long weekend of intense DIY in preparation for August's trip of less intense DIY and holidaying. Alongside learning how to cut tiles, grouting, filling and putting up skirting board, we got the record deck going for John, and had a lovely evening dancing and boozing.

I just love the view from my Father in Law's house.

View in focus

Wine in focus

Dad insisted John looked good in the cowboy hat he had lying around for some reason

Dancing dancing dancing

More dancing

Leave me near spray roses and I can't help putting them in my hair. I need to get a spray rose bush for my garden. A yellow one I think.

I of course went to the patisserie. They package up your tasty cakes in a pastry pyramid...

....with a handy carrying handle so they don't get squashed.

We had a mousse chocolat lait et fraise, a chocolate royal and a fraisier.


We also bought a Babybel. Apparently what I've been eating in England all these years is a Mini Babybel. Who knew! I wonder if they make a Bel. That would be massive! The texture was like an extra creamy Mini Babybel.

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