Monday, June 15, 2015

Diy update

So the bathroom looks a bit different now. We've actually got sanitary ware and tiles up, but I've not got a picture of that yet. The builders are on week 3 of the quoted 2, so I'm not too worried. I've learnt to be really specific on what you want from your builders. If you're not, they'll do what they think is best, which may be different from what you think is best. Not always a bad thing, but if you have specific ideas, say so. 

Thanks to help from Jo and Sarah when they visited, the bedroom is done! Carpet in, furniture moved in and curtains up. It's so nice to sleep in something so lovely and peaceful and restful. Next up is junk shop and antique shop shopping for bedside tables, chairs and wardrobes, but there's no rush on that.

We've been thinking about bathroom and living room paint - interestingly, so far in the process, my gut instinct on paint colours has been right. And aren't paint names ridiculous! So far, we've got Heather Climb and Milky Pail (*groan*) from Dulux in the bedroom, Tribal Headdress from Valspar for the bathroom and probably Mojito from Crown for the living room.

Finally, we've bought a lovely Stonehill 1960s coffee table from eBay for the living room. I love it's atomic style lines, and think I'll base all our style decisions for the living room on it.

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