Saturday, April 04, 2015

More bedroom progress

So we've stripped all the wallpaper, getting one of those steam strippers was a great idea.

Thanks to Robin, Olivia and Dave for helping with this bit.

I've been going around making patch plaster repairs, and using Polyfilla to fill in rough patches. Tom bought me some posh Polyfilla One Fill. This is one of those times where paying for the brand name is worth it. Like using a light whipped icing, barely needs sanding if you're good at applying it. I do love plastering things.

Hopefully painting next week!

This weekend we're at Sandy's housewarming in Sheffield. We've done a 7k walk along the River Rivelin, and are sat around drinking champagne and eating tasty things.

Here he is sat on a chair in the middle of the River.

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