Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Thoughts from Summer

The diet has begun again in earnest. Fed up of being out of breath when I walk up and down stairs. with Tom for two hours into town and back last night. Have the blisters to prove it.

Town in the evening sunshine was charming.  People not quite spilling out of bars because it was a Tuesday.  So it was quiet and glowing in the sunshine. I looked for odd architectural details above the buildings like drain spouts shaped like dragons.

The wind was warm as it whooshed past us gently. We even went home via the national rose test beds in the park. Now slightly past their best, there was still a heady scent rising in the heat.

On the stairs at the station today I caught a glimpse of star covered socks above brogues in that ever increasing gap between shoe and cropped skinny trousers that men are wearing. It surprised me and made me smile because the socks were fun and the trousers sombre. 

I created wedding flowers for a friend of a friend this weekend gone, and the flowers there made me smile. It was the first bride to say “I trust you, do whatever you think’s best – but please may it have a little yellow” So we had pompon Viking chrysanthemums, September flower in blue and white, gyposphilia, yellow limionum, sunflowers, yellow spray roses, nephrolepis leaves,  yellow ilios roses, high and mighty yellow and red roses, and yellow red and orange gerberas. The buttonholes were nephrolepis tops, peach carnations, limionum and pompon Viking chrysanthemums. The bouquet, peach carnations, ilios roses, nephrolepis tops yellow spray roses, gypsophilia and limionium, with lots of buttons and brooches on wires throughout, wrapped in ivory satin. I didn’t get a good picture of that, must ask the bride.

The most fun part was decorating a willow arch under which the couple would say their vows. I was really pleased with the way it turned out, whole stems of September flowers appearing from the ground between the willow. 

Now there is a cloud of gypsophilia on my table and a stem of pompon – and I think those little yellow lovelies are my new favourite.

I haven’t managed to get on with much sewing yet. The bodice is complete bar embroidery and trim. I need to spend some serious time cutting out the panels for the skirt, but we’re off to France soon so I’m rapidly running out of time. I will try and squeeze some in when we get back – perhaps I can take the cutting out and tacking to Tom’s mum’s when we go down for her birthday.

I still need to pack for France. Camping this time, on the lawn again like previous years. I’m rather worried now we’ve forgotten something.

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