Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Lent 1 Remembering

Using Megan's Radvent series as prompt. Lent and Advent are the same right?

Where were you five years ago?

2009 or 2010 depending on how you count.

March 2009, I was living in the Palace, working for the web design company. Tom had just asked me to move in with him. I was creating lots. I was nervous and excited about the future.

March 2010. I was living at the Curry house and planning our wedding. Still working at the web design company. Trying to raise money to save the chaplaincy and starting to get involved at Church. Still creating.

I don't remember much detail. Long hours at work, cycling across Southampton, plenty of parties, travelling to France, redecorating the Curry house, marveling at building a home with Tom. Deciding the world of sales wasn't for me. Having three jobs at one point.

Some very painful moments. Some very proud moments. 

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