Monday, January 30, 2012

Can you be Ginger Bear?

My mum is a playschool lady (Hi Mum!) and she made a lovely story book to read to the children about one of the bears in the toybox, Ginger Bear.

Some of the children loved the bear so much that they were refusing to play with anything else. So Ginger Bear has gone on holiday.

Here's where you come in. Could you send a postcard from where you are to the playschool as Ginger Bear?

If you can, keep it simple with something like

"Dear children

Am having a lovely time on holiday in XXXX, I have been to see XXXX

Love Ginger Bear

in nice big clear letters and post it to:

Daisy Chain Preschool
Methodist Church Hall,
Station Road,
BA13 3JL

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