Monday, October 17, 2011

The @waitroseuk experience

The food arrived, it was on time, there were three substitutions. I'd ordered some wheat free bread and pasta, and they didn't have the exact brands I'd ordered. This was absolutely fine. They found us without any trouble at all.

We had also ordered some lamb, and they didn't have the exact cut we had wanted. They had bought an alternative, and when I hesitated, the lovely delivery man said "Tell you what, have one of the packs for free" Absolutely no quibbles, just have it for free.

Everything came in bags relating to whether it was fridge or store cupboard etc as well, and the driver offered to take any bags we had for recycling. As you would expect the food was lovely.

To top this, the last Sainsbury's order was booked in to come an hour later, and the driver phoned to ask if he could come half an hour earlier, and also, could I tell him where our house was? It just says it all really. He was lucky I was working from home that day, and could accept an earlier delivery.

We're sticking with Waitrose from now on...

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