Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seriously disappointed with @sainsburys

I am seriously disappointed with Sainsbury's online shopping. I placed an order to be delivered last night between 10 - 11pm. I needed it this week as it's stuff for the weekend. I picked a late slot, because I knew we'd be out in the early evening.
So 11pm rolled passed and my order hadn't been delivered. I rang the customer helpline at 1115pm, and a very unhelpful man said that there was nothing he could do because he couldn't get through to my local store because it was shut for the evening. He gave me a tenner voucher for online shopping "For the inconvenience" and said to call back tomorrow.
I called back this morning, and another unhelpful man said that the driver had tried to contact me on my mobile number. It turns out I entered it wrong, Hands up my fault that bit, but I had made sure I'd added our landline, which was right. There were no missed calls or voicemails on our landline, so the driver hadn't called that number.
The customer services person this morning couldn't give me a reason why my order hadn't been delivered or why they didn't ring my landline. I asked if they could book it for delivery on Friday, giving him the times I was unavailable. He came back saying the store couldn't deliver at those times, but if I cancelled my order and rebooked it it could be delivered. I also asked if another store could deliver it, as they were saying my local store is one the other side of Soton, and there are two others closer to me, but this apparently wasn't possible either, as stores can only take on a certain number of customers.
As none of this made no logical sense to me, I asked for the order to be cancelled and a full refund to be given. This is going to take up to 10 working days apparently. All I want now is my refund, and a good reason why my order wasn't delivered. I know my mobile number was wrong, but there was an alternate contact number provided. I know it was a late slot, but if your drivers don't want to deliver at that time, don't offer it to customers.
I've tried tweeting at the main Sainsbury's account, and they've not come back to me after I told them I've also emailed a complaint and got an auto response saying they'll get back to me in two working days. It's just appalling.
In store Sainsbury's staff are lovely and helpful, but their customer service people sound completely disinterested, unable to communicate effectively and are unable to actually help out. I suppose if you're this big a retailer you can afford to treat your customers badly as there's always more punters. Doesn't stop you being seriously disappointed in them though.

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