Friday, December 10, 2010

SCM Conference 4- 6 Feb 2011 @radicalfaith #students #prayer

A Still Small Voice

Tom and I will be off to the SCM conference come Feb 2011, enjoying
our last few years of graduate membership of the Student Christian

Previous conferences have proved to be provoking, challenging and
different. I have made some fabulous friends, (hello Sarah, Nikki, Jo,
George, Holly!) and each time I have been moved closer to God.

This year's conference is about Prayer, something that has been
weighing heavy on my heart of late as I try and grope for some
spiritual discipline in my own life. I encourage all my student
friends to come, and those of you who aren't students, come as
"Friends of SCM" to meet other people who like you believe in a
"Radical, Challenging, Inclusive and Aware" Christianity. Actually,
just come, even if you don't believe in these things. It is amazing to
be surrounded by non judgemental welcoming people, learning about God.

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