Thursday, May 13, 2010

May So Far

April was horrid and I don't want to speak of it again! May has been better.

May has seen me become a member of the PCC for our church in a bid to
help the community I love so much. I've also been working at my
floristry course and enjoying every minute of crafting highly
unethical blooms into beautiful shapes. I wish there was a way to make
floristry more ethical. It's so wasteful! One use only foam, tape,
wires and flowers flown around the world! But it is gorgeous. I have
even learnt to make one of those amazing bouquets that stand up on
their own in the water. anybody need flowers for anything - shout!

Jess came to stay, which was awesome. She's moving back to
Southampton, and this pleases me no end, as I miss her! We spent a
good 6 or so hours shopping for wedding underwear and had such a girly
but fab time. I got to see her again when she came down for the
Celebration of Steam at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

There wasn't as much there as I expected, though that might have been
the rainy weather. We saw the Steam Land Speed Record Car, and they
had the engines going on HMS Warrior which were amazing!

I've also had a couple more wedding dress fittings. My gran who is
making it is amazing - it's just what I want. Each time it looks
closer and closer. Quite exciting.

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