Wednesday, February 10, 2010

So many beautiful things

So Tom and I now have a tradition of Sunday Lunch or Dinner with
friends. Here is some delicious roast beef:

Tom preparing to carve in a grown up fashion:

Andy and Marmers are told to look happy:

Then moody:

Whilst Lula looks away:

I experimented with candles:

I have also been working on some wedding things, including making my
garter, and one for a friend, researching flower arrangements, and my
headdress. I am please with the headdress as it incorporates some wax
petals that my gran and my mum both had in their headdresses.

The current plan for loosing weight for the wedding involves not
eating grains, beans or dairy, and lots of exercise. So far it is
working, with me having lost 5kg. It does mean Tom has to be inventive
with the cooking. Here's his carb free fajitas on the great platter
that my gran gave me. It used to be my great granny's:

and here's Tom enjoying them:

We have also been enjoying beautiful, large, ruby red pomegranate.

Last weekend I bought Tom some daffodils for Valentines Day. The
florist was so pleased with the idea of a girl buying flowers for a
chap, that she wrapped them up extra pretty:

and finally, I spent a fab weekend this weekend with my girls in
Windsor, catching up, shopping, gossiping and eating:

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