Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Somethings in Life Just Need to Be Shared.

Reading .net magazine today at work I came across:

How awesome is this? It kind of reflects the way I think! If adapted for web search I think it would make an excellent research tool.

The rain today left me cold and wet through to the skin, so ??I spent the evening drying off whilst painting the Living room. I have to say, Tom has some pretty excellent friends. Today was the third or fourth day Sandy had put in on the painting, and Laura was here today too. We're now on the second coat of cream and green paint in the new room. As soon as I remember to charge my digital camera I'll post some pictures.

My mum had written me a veritable epistle today, along with posting a Good Luck in your new home card. I have grand plans to publish my mum's letters someday. I think she's kept all mine so it should be quite a book! Her letters are always full of news and gossip and interesting things she's read.??

I often think I ought to write down all the wonderful things we used to do when I was a child. Like playing with the skiiing playmobil with terry nappies over cushions to make hills of snow.

I've also been writing down more stories for my novel/social history book. I'm collecting stories about how people met their partners. If you like share yours with me!

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