Saturday, May 30, 2009

Don't you just hate it when you wake up early at the weekend?

After the most manic of weeks, by rights I should be asleep. Alas I am not. I am up, sorting out my finances for the month, and preparing to go to the gym or to swim before my driving lesson. This should be an interesting day. Whilst my darling boy sweats in the exam hall, I shall be praying and hoping. I have my driving lesson, then I must go to town to try and change all my addresses. The hair dressers beckons next, where I will spend a good 3 hours hopefully ending up mightily more attractive. The early evening is devoted to the lovely Amelia, and planning her wedding hair and her veil. Finally I will see the boy in the evening, and celebrate the end of his University career. Before actually sleeping I hope.

Mainly though, right now, I want to be asleep. Lula and I had a late night watching the Twilight film. In which nothing happens. The books weren't the best thing in the world, but they were pacey. The film? The film, just ugh...

We did have nice food at La Margherita before though, :o) I had some aubergine/tomato penne dish. Very yummy. Lulabelle had seabass which came in a creamy garlic sauce and with a side of a spicy spaghetti. I would have had a plate of that spaghetti on my own I could.

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