Monday, April 27, 2009


So I fell off my bike on Friday.

Quite spectacularly. Grazed my chin, bruised my face, took a whopping great chunk out of my left knee. My helmet was a write off. Thank God I was wearing it! It seems the brakes failed. Which isn't good when you're halfway down a hill but oh well and ouch.

Apart from the bruising I had a fun weekend with Tom buy housey things. Saturday was his birthday and we spent it trawling round the Range, Homebase, Ikea and John Lewis. It doesn't sound fun when written like that. But I really enjoyed it.

We bought cream and red rococo print fabric for dining room blinds, a roman blind to use as a template, giant picture frames for my artwork, paint tester pots and living room curtain fabric. The living room fabric was half price in John Lewis. We confused the shop assistant a bit with our maths. the tester pots are now a patchwork across Tom's wall. That is especially joyous!


Alex Segall said...

I did that once - went down a hill, brakes failed, bounced off the boot, roof and bonnet of a rather nice vintage jag. Wrote off the bike, destroyed the helmet.

Never finished learning to ride a bike - rather glad I did swimming lessons instead.

How gruesome is the knee?

Alex Tarling said...

The knee has a nice concave chunk out of it which is now scabbing over, but was oozing pus at one point. Still hurts lots, especially when I flex it.

New helmet is shiny and Tom has fixed the brakes. Though I now have a puncture. Hope it stops raining so walking to work is not too miserable.