Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Band Meme

Here are the rules as stolen from Gareth:

Band name
Go to a random Wikipedia article. The name of the article becomes your band name.

Album title
Next go to Random Quotations. The last 4-5 words of the last quotation on the page are your the title of your first album.

Album cover
Now go to Flickr’s Explore the last 7 days and choose the third picture. This will be your album cover.

Final article

Finally put them all together and you have an album cover.

Ehrenfelser are a German indie chill out band with a huge following in Bristol in the wake of Massive Attack. They will never make the top 40. This is a good thing. The self concious pretensious lyrics hurt.

1 comment:

Alex Segall said...

thout an image, because I am drunk and lazy:

5232 Jordaens, with their third album, "What Has Been Done Before".

I see the band as literate witty pop, with a mild amount of danciness going on somewhere. And sugary guitars. Sort of OK Go! after listening to Radiohead. With a science fetish (the band name is an asteroid, i thnk)