Monday, December 01, 2008

Tom's Awesome Kedgeree

Boil as per normal, about one large mug of rice.
Hard boil 3-4 eggs depending on size.
Poach Smocked haddock, say 300g, in milk/water (easiest done in a bowl
in the mwave, one min on full, leave for a min or so, one min on full,
leave etc untill cooked and flakable).
In a large pan, fry one small finely chopped onion, a LITTLE garlic, and
OPTIONAL a couple of chopped mushrooms and any other veg that appeal.
then chuck in the rice, a little curry powder, a little paprika and a
lot of turmeric.
Then add egg and haddock, once hot through-out add a small pot of cream,
untill err creamy and bright yellow, salt and pepper (and extra turmeric
if not yellow enough) as appropriate. Serve immediately, if this is not
possible, do not add the cream untill ready to serve.

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