Tuesday, December 30, 2008

6th Day of Christmas..

...my true love sent to me...six geese a - laying...

I was rather taken with the moon today as I cycled home. Hung low in the sky the shadowed orb glistened in the deep of the sky, the crescent of light cutting through like a scythe. It was almost as if it were a tree bauble or a lampshade backlit of a velvet curtain.

The soft colour of the crescent moon sent me in reveries over the yarn I'm knitting with at the moment. A half price bargain from John Lewis, I'm making a baby blanket with Rowan Cashsoft Chunky for my colleague's child due at the end of January. It's a fantastic blend of 57% extra fine merino 33% acrylic microfibre, 10% cashmere.

I'm making strips of basketweave and stocking stitch and will weave them together. Hopefully I have enough balls. It's a joy to knit with real yarn, not rubbish acrylic. It's even machine washable!

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