Friday, May 02, 2008

Corn -e- wall

I took Tom away to Cornwall for his birthday, only fair given he took me to Paris. I got hideously sunburnt, but everything else was delightful, especially the food. I mean the last time I went to Cornwall in April it poured with rain, so I wasn't expecting the beautiful sunshine we were fortunate enough to enjoy.

At The Top House Pub, the Lizard, the birthday boy drinks!

He dined on steak and kidney pudding... which was lovely and reasonably priced.

I went for Crab and Apple salad, which was very tasty.

Our lovely room.

"What do I do with these?"

He got the hang of it.

The nifty champagne storage device in the mini fridge.

Our view.

Tom being decadent.

Bluebells in the sunshine the next morning.


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