Saturday, January 26, 2008

T in the Bookshop

"This is what I imagined university would be like".

That's what Alex said yesterday when she, Tom, John and I spent a clear
afternoon sitting in the cafe / second-hand bookshop down Portswood Road.

We started in the science fiction section * (which includes fantasy,
rousing the ire of Tom...) and proceded to general fiction, crime,
cookery, sport and music. Of course we looked at the naughty ones -
"The Fuck Up", "Eff Off", "French Tarts"... and the big book on
asparagus, with a very special diagram.

I had to get on with my drawing practice, so I did some pencil
scratchings that looked a bit like Alex and a bit like Sitting Bull.
Hmm. Then she drew me. The neck was too long, but I looked a bit like
Jonathan Richman **, and Alex is much better at it than I am.

So we drank coffee and chocolate, and wandered out after a while, to buy
fancy cupcakes. This will be repeated.

On the way we passed a rather fun chestnut tree with spiky nuts hanging
all over it.

Today I've spent far too long on Bleep, Boomkat and Tigersushi.
Soon all will know that Pingipung blows the brass. ***

I've still been working at the 8-bit sewing. Yes, it's the computery
effect, but in cross-stitch. Wahey. Something like "quixotic", I think.

Find Dave and the Quiz a New Home.
Jones wants a St Trinian's theme next Thursday. The rest of us aren't
too sure. I could attempt a St. Custard's look, but I think we need
more group photos like this one of King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band. It'd
be most apt.

That's all for now.

* I want to write a thesis / make an exhibition / anything, really...
about the cover art of science fiction paperbacks.

** On the subject of lanky men dancing, here's some more

*** Okay, so I got the Blue Harvest dvd too.

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