Monday, August 20, 2007

Some Thoughts on Things that I think about on Trains

  1. What is it about knitting with double pointed needles that fascinates non-knitters? Someone likened it to knitting with a hedgehog. It just seems so logical to me. You knit across one needle, get to the end, move on to the next. In fact knitting seems to amaze people, at least the people I come across. So few people seem to do anything with their time except watch films and TV and sit on the Internet nowadays.
  2. My house was flooding. This is not fair. The water pipe under the floor boards, under the stopcock was spitting out water everywhere. The only sign I have of this was a sound much like the roaring of a waterfall. I phoned the water board, I phoned the landlord. The mains water has be turned off now till its fixed and I'm camping at a friends.
  3. I think I like noisy trains better than quiet ones. Noisy ones mean I can listen to my music and take notice of the words for once. This month it is Newton Faulkner, Fluorescent Adolescent by the Arctic Monkeys, and lots and lots and lots of Regina Spektor. I want to be able to sing like her.
  4. I have a sewing machine. I am so making many things. Starting with net curtains for my very large window.

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ミス・イギリス said...

A cup of tea and a bit of Regina cures anything!