Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Oh the deadwood stage is rolling all over the hills..

That's not the actual words. That's not my point. I'm having a Calamity Jane of week and it's only Tuesday!

I get up late..entirely my own fault, but then rescue my self by working overfast and actually arriving early! See I'm so twisted I do things backwards. Then there was the fire drill right in the middle of my art lesson, meaning I had to leave my piece of 3d cubist inspired sewing, and when I came back I promptly sewed my side pieces on upside down!

The next straw came after my amzing frenching speaking exam practice session. More on that session actuallly, I flowed. I felt like I was having a proper conversation with my teacher. It was
so fun..I feel far more confident about my exam now....but back to the point... I lost my art folder with everything I'd done that day inside it, and the knitting I was doing! I went back around school, I looked in every class room. Despondant..I went home

Another straw for my back came as I rushed off to youthgroup. I'd planned this great game to emphasise being careful of rushing into things, and making deals you don't understand. I'd preapred a selection of horrible and nice finger foods, ie grapes, olives, mushrooms, mints. But as I raced round to the centre, the olives leaked on my marshmallows and then went all soggy and had to be disposed of. I washed off the rest of the food when I arrived. The game was a success though..I was impressed that both of the girls ate everything with onnly one chickening out after the olives. Except I wouldn't let her chicken out as I'd made a contract with them.

The final straw was right at the end of the evening, we played a drama game called 'Freeze'. Two people act out a scene, when the audience gets bored, they yell freeze, and one of the actors is replaced. The new actor has to take the exact shape of the depating one, but must change the scene completely. Fussy eater girl wrecked the game completely, talk about having no imagination. She's not shy, she's not stupid, but she just stood there going "I don't like drama I don't know what to do" with a huge grin on her face.

It's not like she was in front of a crowd of hundreds, she was in a room with 5 other people. Afew weeks ago when the youth were asked whatthey'sdlike to be doing more of, she voted for drama, saying "I love Drama" Grrrr.............

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