Monday, July 27, 2020

Further things to remember about parenting

17 months
  • Granny and mummy taking about the snacks in the boot of the car, you start looking in your Welly boots for them.
  • Getting the step stool and dragging it up to the kitchen counter so you can teach the butter dish and help your self to chunks of butter with your finger

18 months saying: 
  • bye bye bye nstead of bye-bye.
  • Grandad Sleep. Every time grandad was napping.

20 months
  • caring for your baby doll making beds for her and patting her, carefully spreading out the blankets so they are perfectly flat. 
  • ep-pant for elephant. 
  • Saying "O-kay" all the time instead of yes
21 months
  • Stopping breastfeeding to say hey during jingle bells 
  • Farmer Christmas for father Christmas
  • Fairy Liiigghts. And saying 'more' when you see them. And wow and pretty

22 Months
  • saying Hello Moon, Hello Venus Hello stars when looking in the sky.

23 months 
  • favourite foods of pomegranate and olives. 
  • Saying "Little person" when playing with toy children. 
  • "Dank oo"

24 months
  • The phone is singing
  • Wanting to do things 'togebba' 
  • Having an afternoon bath. Asked for 'champagne on mummy' she meant shampoo... 😂
25 months
  • Calling cockle shells clapping shells
  • 'Oh my goodness' when something is new or exciting
  • 'How exciting'
  • Playing 'run away, run together' and 'walking backward to go beep'
  • First story "there's red dinosaur, it's playing hide and seek, it's in on my fingers, it's eating them hungry dinosaur eating strawberries"
  • Putting all my hairpins in your piece of bread and declaring them candles in a birthday cake
26 months
  • spontaneously saying "Lovely see you granny" when visiting them in person for the first time since lock down

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