Saturday, August 25, 2018

Things to remember from a few months of parenthood

A few weeks in:

The first day after Tom went back to work, the hum and squeak and huff of my tiny girl's breathing as she lies on me.

The ah-ah-ah noise and head bobbing she does as she prepares to feed

Not being sure if her first smiles were really smiles at 6 weeks old, as we didn't know what her smile looked like.

The joy of her gurgling and trying to chat when you play with her.

3 months in:

The flailing little free arm as she feeds at 3 months trying to grab my clothes or patting my breast

The first outright laugh on 1st July whilst sitting on my stomach after playing row-row-row-the-boat and airplane baby.

Her stopping to chat whilst feeding, grinning and gurgling whilst looking up at me.

Discovering the bristles on her daddy's face as they play together

First tooth coming through on 27th July whilst we were away at Granee's flat in Weymouth for her birthday, then rolling from front to back.

4 months in:

Lying watching her sleep on the bed after feeding when she should be in the cot, daddy's on call, so it's been us two all day. Crying happy tears at how beautiful she is and stroking her eye brows.

This tiny body, bundle, of treasure that's been carried from place to place for people to worship.

Reaching out to touch my face when I come to pick her up, trying to turn the pages of books at bedtime story time, laughing at people blowing raspberries at 4 and a half months old. Starting to recognise family members.

Her looking regal in the family heirloom christening gown before our family lunch after her baptism. The dirty look she gave the curate after he poured the water on her head.

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