Monday, May 12, 2014


What with my sister requesting Anna's coronation dress from Frozen for our upcoming trip to Efteling, and the same sister asking me to make my own and another's bridesmaid dress for her April wedding, I thought I better get some sewing practice in. Here's a guide for me to refer back to.

What Ellie wants me to make next - I have until August

I'm making a Cambie dress from Sewaholic, in a loud green peacock feather on black print. With a lime green lining. As you do. I may well even sew a ruffle on the lining to make the full skirt fuller.

This is the fabric for my dress

Sew (see what I did there) far, I have impressed myself by finishing my bodice seams with a turned under seam, and am pondering what finish to use with the skirt seams. Even more impressive as you can't see them because it will be fully lined. I want no fraying here!

I have sewn in my first pockets, and have understitched the pockets so there's a nice crisp edge to the top fabric. The pattern didn't call for this, so I feel extra smug for adding it in.

I'm going to need to read this tutorial from Sewaholic to help with adding the lining as it has a clever trick to make the zip look awesome. This one might be helpful too.

I am just loving the sewing. The thrum and the whirr of the machine is so soothing.

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Unknown said...

Granny will be pleased, go and see her to help with the fitting if you need someone to pin it for you, she would love that.xxxxx