Tuesday, October 02, 2012

31 days to joy

I seem to write better when I have a prompt - so in preparation for NaBloPoMo, I'm going to follow along the 31 days to joy prompts put together by the lovely Ann Voskamp, taken from her October Joy Dare PDF

Here's what we've got so far:

Day 1 - Three gifts falling

I don't often think of gifts falling. We hope for things that would fall from the sky for us. Those life turn around moments.

I think I will go pragmatic for a moment. I fell down the stairs on Sunday with a hard, hard, hard bump on my coccyx. It hurts. A lot. I never realised how much we use the muscles in our bottoms for standing still, sitting up, lying down. I am waking in the middle of the night with searing pain.

How is this a gift? Well. It's a reminder of what a good nurse Tom is. He's fetched hot water bottles, ice packs, painkillers. He's settled me into chairs, brought snacks and drinks and checked me all over to make sure I wasn't seriously broken. He is a gift. So that's gift 1.

There's other little gifts I suppose that make my heart fall out from under me, light late night chats about what genetic mix our future offspring may or may not have. Let's make that gift 2.

And 3? I will give thanks for falling leaves as autumn starts in earnest. I love this season of soft falling change, crisp airs, evenings in and the need for warm textiles and hats.

Day 2 - Three gifts orange

I am grateful for the wild orange colour in my current sock yarn. I am so close to finishing them, and I can't wait to wear them. Sometimes it is nice to knit a little something just for yourself.

There's a spicy wafting smell coming from the kitchen, that in my head smells like it should be orange coloured. Turns out to be spicy couscous with halloumi and chicken, and mainly green and red. Oh well!

My last orange gift is the chocolate covered orange rind that was in the epic box of chocolates that Sandy gave me for my birthday. They were deliciously sweet and bitter. Sandy knows my taste for a little luxury well, and the rest of the box is giving up extremely varied delights.


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