Tuesday, August 07, 2012

In which I attend a knitting group and knit on a piece of art

Laura and I toddled off to Knitty Noras http://www.facebook.com/groups/242126975885/ at the Shooting Star http://www.theshootingstarpub.co.uk/

It's a now monthly knitting group that meets on the first Monday of the month. Everyone was very friendly, suitably impressed with my socks, and we got to knit on an art project!

Sarah Filmer is working on a piece called Blue Jumper,  http://sarahfilmer.com/blue-jumper/ , a collaborative community knitting project inspired by having seen a street worker in Southampton wearing a blur jumper of her late mother's that she'd donated to a Southampton charity. The piece has been to all kinds of groups, and I think I had the honour of being the 382nd knitter to knit on it. The piece will be going in to the Bargate gallery, http://www.aspacearts.org.uk/current-exhibitions/ , in September, and it will still be live, so that visitors to the gallery can add their own stitches. I contributed a wiggly tentacle bit in royal blue, and a bit of very loose knitting actually knitted on my fingers. Not finger knitting, but using my fingers as needles.

I'm very excited to have found a Southampton knitting group, and to have constributed to such a cool artwork.

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sarah filmer said...

hi alex - a lovely mention of my jumper ... and i was so out of sorts that evening so i am pleased the knitting worked its magic! the opening of the exhibition is on sept 20th from 6-8 pm at the bargate. all blue jumper knitters are cordially invited to come along and celebrate with a glass of wine. it would be lovely to see you there - are you wearing your amazing socks yet? sarah x