Monday, April 09, 2012

Monday monday

Excuse me I'm going to whinge:

I'm nearing the end of a few days off and feeling guilty for taking them as my web editors needed me and I wasn't there.

We've been trying to paint the woodwork in the hall and it's been so boring we're still on 1.5 coats. If I can just muster up some gumption I might finish it and we can look at getting a carpet tomorrow. Boring grown up middle class pointless things.

We went to see Rich, Clair, Nikki and Dan for Dan's birthday on Saturday. A picnic in the car park of Scotney Castle and then an afternoon lazing in front of films whilst the boys went Ape, followed by an excellent chinese meal at Chow's in Westerham.

So no Easter flower arranging for me. I got plenty on knitting done in front of the telly though. Nice to see them.

Had a mooch with my parents around Salisbury today. Currently trying to decide what to do with the cooking apples from our veg box. Feeling awful for upsetting a friend. Back is killing me.

Nothing feels right, everything feels out of sorts.

Someone's told me I should be happy I have my youth and health. I should. I should.

I want to knit, but I don't have the right yarn or a reason. I want to sew but both sewing machines are inoperative.

Ok whinge over.

I have all the superficial material things the world deems necessary to make me a success
I have a loving set of friends and family who still care about me even when I mess up
I live in a country with a great health care system
I have at least another 50 years ahead of me God willing
I have a caring husband who doesn't whinge at me when I get bored of painting

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