Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Perceptions of time and knitting

I find it interesting how habits formed change your perception of time and space. This weekend we went to the South Western Arms for drinks and hog roast from the Oink Pork Company. So that made Friday feel like Saturday. Then we had Ben and Laura and Lula and Neil round for dinner on Saturday so Saturday felt like Sunday. Last night I was sat curled up round Tom knitting whilst we watched Chuck and it felt like a Sunday night.

Working from home skews my perceptions too. The new job includes monitoring social media, so when I'm sat at my kitchen table searching for info on Twitter whilst listening to Radio 4, I don't much feel like I'm working.

The only day that fitted into it's designated slot was Sunday which included church, then lunch and Scrabble at Luke and Christelle's, followed by a lovely walk on the common.

Tom and I found loads of blackberries during this walk. I think we will go back with a bowl and get a selection to freeze to make pies when apples are properly in season.

That being said, people at work were talking about apples being ready earlier this year due to the warm spring. I've seen leaves turning at every place I've visited in August. Global warming eh?

It's certainly cold enough to enjoy knitting again. I've finished the socks I had to knit as part of the Facebook "Make something Creative for 5 people" thing I signed up to, and have started on a cardigan for the same project. I got quite the case of Second Sock Syndrome on the socks, so I'm pleased to wrap them up and post them off. I have left to knit the hat and the scarf I promised after the cardigan.

The cardigan is Corrine from the Knitty before this one, and is all in garter stitch, and I've got a lovely yarn off ebay, that has some real wool in it. I managed to reverse some of the directions and so the short rows were making the neckline longer rather than the hem line. That was alot of ripping out. I was going to leave it to see what happened, but it really REALLY wasn't working!

I do have a case of "oh it's good enough" with my crafting. I rarely go that last 20% to make it really perfect, like pressing all my seams when sewing or doing a proper blocking. As the stitch pattern for this cardi is very simple, I'm going to try and ensure I finish it to the highest standard, just to see if I can.

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