Sunday, July 25, 2010

Set me a writing task - go on!

I feel the need to try and encourage my creativity again. So faithful
readers, if there are any, set me a writing task. It can be creative
or factual. Just some thing to start from.

Also, if anyone would like some non scary post, you can email your
address to ax at room 42 dot ath dot cx and I'll create snail mail

Posted via email from Alex E Jones


FLO said...

Write 500 word about yourself without using the letter 'E'.

Write a poem (doesn't have to rhyme) in which each line starts with the last letter of the line before.

Write an illustrated story.

Every day for a week, write for 10 minutes without stopping - stream of consciousness styley.

Write a short story about a violin.

Make a photo album, with pictures that mean a lot to you, together with a description of when they were taken.

Write a limerick about the colour green.

Retell a famous story from the perspective of an unusual character.

Write a letter to yourself 10 years ago, and 10 years from now.

Write a story in the style of a famous author (e.g. Enid Blyton, Jane Austen...)

Write a letter to your MP.

Copy out some favourite poems, Bible verses, passages from books, and bind them together.

Take your favourite recipe, and make it read beautifully.

Keep a diary throughout a day (a series of short entries, as often as possible).

Write a murder mystery.

Write a story in the style of a tabloid.

Write a poem based on the title of your favourite song.

Write one of the above onto something interesting.

Continue the story 'The dogs were barking...'

Condense the plot of a novel you've read recently into exactly 500 words. Then 100. Then 10. Then 1.

Enough to be getting on with?

Scribbler said...

Photograph an entire day of your life, everyday things that you see, only, take the photo from a different angle. Carry the camera with you all day. Compile the photos, and narrate your day to a stranger you meet.

Take four words and turn each one into a piece of art, using only the letters found in each word. (feel free to use as many colors as you want.)

Write unusual want adds. It's really fun.

When you're writing, pretend that you're someone else- let it change HOW you write. (Personal fave is writing as 'the other woman'. XD)

Use ONE unusual tool to paint an entire canvas. IE: sponge, leaves, beads... [If you want to go for the gold, try making a new version of a classic piece of art.]