Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No Time

I've been working hard.

Pulling long days.

It's killing me.

Blanket is one ball away from finished. Hopefully the baby will have use for it still.

We've had snow here for a few days. It was beautiful. And today freezing white mists.

Everything covered in pure clean white loveliness.

I never thought I'd be envious of students. I miss the library. I'll go tomorrow after work. Try and put together something meaningful, useful.

These friends of mine are all healthcare professionals and Phd students. It makes me feel like a capitalist pig. At least I have a job is what I tell myself, and console myself with volunteering at a museum on Sundays.

I like volunteering. It's peaceful and I knit quietly making sure old artefacts from an original shop front don't disappear into collectors pockets. I like hearing local's stories of their time in the shop when young and all their anecdotes.

I feel small and lacking in time to do anything. Like time is running out. I don't know why.

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