Monday, November 21, 2005

And in knitting news

I've converted the flat into a bunch of knitters.

We have a weekly stitch and bitch night as well. Facilitated by the lovely Rach donating wool and needles that her mum didn't want anymore.

Even Marsh is knitting his gf a hat for christmas.

I feel like my role as a knitting evangelist is being fufilled.

On my knitting front, I have baby triplets needing preemie baby wear asap, a 1/4 done arisaig and a funny shawl scaf thing that will eventually have a lovely lacy edging.

Got to go find some preemie patterns


Anonymous said...

I think the about site has some cute preemie patterns, or I have one at home for a cute little jecket if you want.

Alex Tarling said...

Thank you anonymous - the jacket pattern would be very welcome.

Anonymous said...

Knitting evangelist eh? lol. You know, I have never knitted but I sure am curious!