Sunday, August 14, 2005

Possible wedding music

Rob gave me some happy and welcome new over this weekend.

He said to me, that no matter what happens in the next few month, we can begin planning the wedding officially in March of next year.

He got a great new job see, and a promotion on top of that, making him a Band D in the Ministry of Defense and a start of a career.

So things seem more stable.

These 7 months before the almighty plan begins give me time to think through possibles, and the below are possible pieces of music to play in the church before the service begins.

Passacaglia - by Bear McCready - from the Battlestar Galactica OST
Pavane - by Regina Cater - It's a jazz version of the famous Pavane, very moving.
Jupiter - by Holst - For sheer exuberance
Sleepers Awake - by Bach - I'm walking down the aisle to this. It's so powerful and different.


Lori said...

Hurray!!! It's almost time to start your wedding planning! I'm so excited for you! I hope you have loads of fun planning, and the patience to wait until March. Do you have an official date for the wedding picked yet?

Alex Tarling said...

We're currently looking at the 15th Sept 2007

It's so exciting.

Lori said...

3 days before my 3rd anniversary! Hope we aren't lying on a beach in Hawaii sipping on cocktails that weekend. ;)

Alex Tarling said...

You two are so invited! You're on the list already.

Especially if Rob and I are having a long weekend courtesy of you two when we come up on the moty - bike.

I need to talk to you about a book actually - I'll email you.

Anonymous said...

Aww sounds great babe!!

If youre looking at 2007....i'll be half way qualified so can attempt to help :) I can give you both my contacts that ill be in touch with!hehe

Love you loads, Fran xxxx

Lori said...

Alex, I got that thing in the mail. Does the girl who originated it know it's back in circulation? Anyway, I'm trying to think who to send it to. Few of my friends back home would really be reliable enough to trust sending it to. So I'm thinking hard. :)