Saturday, August 11, 2018

Regrann from @pregnant_then_screwed - Ministers have just launched an inquiry into why only 2% of eligible fathers are using shared parental leave. I thought I would save them some time, and a big dollop of cash, and just note the reasons down here: The main reason is that shared parental leave is entirely flawed πŸ’£πŸ™‰. It should be called shared maternity leave because that's what it is, a mother is giving up her portion of leave, which many mums are reluctant to do. Then, of course, there's the small issue of the gender pay gap - remember that? Women, on average earn less than men, so when you're making a financial decision that makes sense for the family, it's likely that the mother's salary will be up for the chop. Statutory maternity pay is impossible to live on, so unless you're dripping in cash every penny will need to be safely counted. Research by Pew and the Baby Centre, has shown dads want to spend time with their offspring just as much as mums do. The low uptake would shoot through the roof in a couple of years if the government gave fathers properly paid, ring-fenced leave. Just look at uptake in other countries which do this: 92% in Iceland, 86% in Quebec and 63% in Portugal. So, @theresamay, stop fannying on with expensive, time consuming inquiries. It's really very fucking simple. Open your wallet and give dads equality and it will all change. Both parents need (at least) 6 weeks ring fenced leave at 90% of salary. artwork by the very talented @studiodotto #sharedparentalleave - #regrann

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