Monday, December 11, 2017

@Regranned from @pregnant_then_screwed - This guy (the big one) left his job so he could spend more time with the kids. Working flexibly just wasn't an option, so he was made to choose between his job and seeing the little humans he co-created grow up. He left and went freelance and now spends Fridays wrestling a 4 year old into his school uniform, whilst single handedly fighting the patriarchy by belting out some nursery rhymes and chasing poo filled nappies at the local playgroup. It makes him feel more manly, not less, because what is more manly than caring for your own offspring? The Fatherhood Institute has today released research which shows fathers are twice as likely as mothers to have a flexible working request refused and they are less likely to be offered any of the same perks and incentives as mothers - such as enhanced parental leave pay. They are calling on the Government to give fathers 3 months properly paid parental leave on a use it or lose it basis so we can start to normalise fathers being, er, fathers. Something that isn't just good for families but it's good for the economy. I will be chatting about this with the CEO of the Fatherhood Institute at 10.20am on Radio Tyne Tees. If we all keep shouting, at some point the Government has to listen #parentalleave #sharedcare #marchofthemummies #pregnantthenscrewed - #regrann

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